In 2009 I was invited to speak at the Department of the Interior Museum in Washington, D.C. in conjunction with the show containing my two works, Texas Snowbells and Texas Wild Rice. Today I am still passionate about continuing to paint the rare and endangered plants as well as the delicate wildflowers of Texas. I hope that more of them will not also become vanishing species for historical recollection due to the rapid growth of development that is encroaching on their sites.
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One of my ongoing projects is to illustrate the Rare and Endangered Plants of the Texas Hill Country initially inspired by a grant awarded in 2005 by the American Society of Botanical Artists.  The two main aspects of this project are educating the public about the existence and conservation of these plants and collaboration with concerned organizations by doing fundraising with sales and exhibits of the artwork.  I share my adventurous journey of finding and creating these plant portraits and I show appreciation for the people behind saving these plants with a public talk and SLIDE SHOW showing the many FIELD TRIPS required for the project.